Sunday, October 19, 2008

Some fun from Round Town

This past weekend brought the annual Circleville Pumpkin Show. We try and go down every year-it is some of the best people watching fun ever! Good greasy fair food, crazy expensive little carnival rides, and some of the biggest pumpkins on the planet. Sounds like a recipe for fun to me! We went with a couple new friends and really had a great time. Gracie wanted to ride every big ride in the place. She doesn't quite understand that she is only 3! I did let her get on one that was really cool and she was just barely big enough to ride. I thought she might get terrified but I didn't want to hold her back. She got on and loved it. The only one crying was Shiloh because she wasn't big enough!

You never know what you are going to see and do when you get to these small town festivals-here is a little photo journal of our day!

Where can you go to see a 1375 and 1/2 pound pun-kin? Round Town Babies!(get it-circle-ville)

Nic can smell this Bourbon Chicken from miles away. It is the one and only reason he allows me to schedule these festival days! He loves that stuff-and I do too! HE knows exactly where the stand is located and we honestly make a direct path from the car to the stand(not allowing the children to stop for any fun sights on the way). We return to the fun later but I guess you gotta make daddy happy!

Paying $4 for the girls to ride the merry go round-well worth it to see this smile!

Gracie had to ride this motorcycle like daddy-she came around one time singing "I'm a Crindall-set to swipe and steal" How does she learn that stuff? Oh I know-Daddy turns that song on the ipod constantly. Crindall is not really crindall-it is criminal. Yeah I know the girls sing and dance to "I'm a criminal-set to swipe and steal. I think it is the song they played on that Dr. Pepper commercial when the guy was sip stealing. Please don't think we are bad parents. They know so many more worship songs!!

Gracie is all the way to the left-you can barely see her over the harness. She screamed and laughed the whole time!

Okay-I probably shouldn't chuckle and God may not want me to find humor with this but I just couldn't help taking a snapshot of this one. This sweet little old man was just walking around by himself and stood by us for a little bit when we were watching the parade. He was talking with Gracie and told her she looked like she belonged on Charlie Brown-we all didn't get it but we chuckled anyway! We just made some small talk with him and then I saw it-the hat was priceless! It was like a homemade hat and when I made mention of it he was so proud of himself. He told me about some of the others he has also. I had to take a picture-it was part of our journey for the day. He posed with pride!

Near the end of our trip our friends bought their little boy and the girls a big pumpkin cookie. It was a bit of bribery on our part to get through a few more things. They were all pooped. Do you other moms bribe out there? I sure do. I always keep a sucker in my bag for the girls. You never know when you need 20 minutes at the store!
Okay-the funny part about this picture is that I still don't exactly know where this cookie went to. I distinctly remember Shiloh eating a little bit and then handing it to me. I think I wrapped it up and tucked it somewhere but I really don't know. Now I know what my friend Kristen S. would suggest-and yes girl I did check the washing machine. Thankfully it wasn't there but I just know I am going to find that nasty cookie somewhere I really don't want to find it! We will see! I will keep you posted!


Amie@HeartSmiles said...

Are you sure you didn't eat it? cuz that would be the answer in this house. Mommy was given the cookie to hold, and mindlessly polished it off.

Love the pics of them on their 'cycles!


Doug and Terrye said...

That's hillarious...I can't wait to see where you will end up finding it. I'm putting odds on the fact that dad ate it :)

Terrye in FL