Friday, February 20, 2009


Many of my posts are dedicated to my loving, wonderful, darling, thoughtful, and kind hubby. I just can't seem to stop thinking of all the fantastic things he does-I am so PROUD always! Check back on some of my proud Nic moments(saving that cat, Nic the hunter, etc.) As we near Nic's big 30th b-day(next Friday)-it is like he is really getting better and better daily. He has had quite the week of eventful statements and actions. Let me share a few with you now. Hopefully you will totally get my tone here!!
Valentine's Day- Nic returns home from the fire station at 8:25(he normally gets home at 7:30) because he needed to make a quick stop because he just assumed I would be sleeping in with the girls. When do I ever sleep in with the girls? They don't really sleep in! So he made his little stop to get some v-day goodies. He brought the girls each a little valentine's day book and for me-the Mama-he also brings a little reading material. "Oh honey, how sweet you are!" Nic brought me a copy of Cesar's Way. Now I do love me some Dog Whisperer, and with our new sweet little friend Max-I do need some knowledge in that area. Okay-cool, my husband brought me Cesar's Way for my little "love" gift. It is more than I got him and I always love a little gift. You know we can't be having a good dog gone bad situation here on our hands so Cesar is the MAN!
The real sad part here is not technically the said gift but more so the fact that he then turned around and took the book with him to his next 24 hour shift and read said book from cover to cover. I hadn't even had the chance to get past all of Cesar's acknowledgements. Nic is straight up quoting me book lines on our phone conversation while he is "at work" reading from the stolen gift as if I had given him permission to read it to make sure I would like it so I wouldn't waste my time. Yeah-I never did that. I didn't even know he swiped it!
He is so selfless-gets better everyday ladies-everyday!!

Then we move into "do you think my vote counts somewhat Nic, or do you think I am silly for voting?" Okay so I don't know why I asked this one and more so I don't know why I am sharing it because it does sound a little pathetic. Why must I get hooked on reality tv? I got so irritated when the bachelor Jason Mesnick already has sent home his perfect wife. See I know which one is perfect for him and she is gone now. I turn it off in disgust and secretly vow to never watch it again but I do-every time-check the DVR- I do. There are only 2 shows in which I have ever picked up the phone and casted a vote. One, of course, is "American Idol" and my other guilty pleasure is the summertime fun "So you think you can dance". I don't vote often or much but I do vote when it just wells up inside me that I really believe they need my vote. Anyone else here??
Okay-Danny Gokey has already stolen my heart on AI-his little story just about makes me cry every time I see him and I absolutely love his voice. He is the best hands down and yes I wanted to vote for him. No-I didn't think he really needed it because I am sure others would agree with me here but I wanted to cast a vote. Why did I ask Nic about it? Well friends I am not quite sure.
He proceeded to tell me that my vote only mattered if I wanted to sit there and redial 49,999 more times. He says it would take 50,000 votes to really matter in one case. Where does he come up with these numbers right off the top of his head? Why does he jump right into Negative Nancy, Debby Downerville so quickly and so smoothly?
My flippin vote counted friends-I rocked it-and it counted!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Daddy's new toys

So the DADA has a couple cool new toys that seemed like a worthwhile share in the blog world. He has always been so proud of his chicken wing making skills but lately he has been bogged down with drama from the cheapie deep fryer we had. With Super Bowl Sunday as his incentive, we ventured out to Macy's for the MAC DADDY of deep fryers. This bad boy is pretty toguh and I love it because you can just drain the oil right out of a spout in the bottom-easier clean up-which always seems to be MY job! Nic is so pumped because you can put like 3 lbs. of chicken in this thing at once which in turn reduces his time spent hovering over his creation. I was telling him how I would clear a spot for it in the cupboard under the counter but he wasn't having it. He proceeded to tell me that he beleived this huge fryer shoudl be kept out on countertop at all times because you just never know when you might need to fry something up. You know like donuts, french fries, etc. I then told him that is exactly the reason the toy must be stored AWAY. Who needs donuts, frnech fries, etc anyways??
I won-don't worry-I won!!
Here is toy #1

And Toy #2
We have been visiting MINGLE with the MUTS for a couple months on every other Sunday afternoon looking for a new little friend. Nic has been wanting a dog for a very long tiem and I jsut haven't quite been there. I felt like we were going to introduce the girls to the canines for the future but this last Sunday was a bit different. We met MAX (yes he shares his name with your perfect little one Jen) and really fell in love. I have never met a 7 month puppy with such calmness. You see-I need calmness!! He is puppy like playful too but oh so very sweet and loving. he was great with the girls, he isn't mouthy or yappy. He really hardly barks. He is already learned that we do not pee or poop in this house and for that I am eternally grateful! I label this daddy's toy but we are all having a blast with this one. He is not too big and has little hair so he definitely works for me!!
Here he is just minutes after arriving to the Smith household-just cool and calm as he could be.
He kind of looks like the dog from the little rascals!