Monday, April 27, 2009

Shiloh's Yo Gabba Gabba Birthday Party

We had a big bash for Shiloh's birthday on Saturday themed all in YO GABBA GABBA!
Yo Gabba Gabba is like a dance party/variety show for kids with all of these crazy looking characters. Muno is a one eyed red guy, Brobee is green with stripes and has really long arms, Foofa is pink with a flower on her head, Toodee is the blue one, and Plex is a yellow robot. They dance around and actually play pretty cool songs that I kind of dig. They are completed with the host who walks out with an old school boombox on his shoulder wearing an orange jumpsuit. He is-of course-DJ Lance Rock.
Now stop all of you-my girls love this show and I must investigate what it is they are watching-right??
I am really serious-go to youtube or something and check it out. The latest one with Jack Black as the guest star is quite amusing!

So here's the cake with the boombox and characters(missing Plex the robot-he went MIA the day we ordered the cake)

Birthday Girl Shiloh sporting her Foofa shirt(I recently got hooked on etsy-all these cool homemade things. The girls got shirts and I did gabba bottlecap necklaces with all the kids)

Gracie-sports the little green one Brobee

Daddy and Shiloh on the bounce house(umm daddy-the weight limit is just 200 pounds)

The Orange Goober made an appearance(this is my cousin Ashley in disguise and the funny thing is that this was not just for the party. You see Ashley owns an orange and purple goober costume that her and her husband used in one of his video shoots. She loves the freedom she has when she puts it on-her dance moves are wild!!) Little Shoshanna was the only one of the kids who was really feeling the goober dance party!

All 15 kids scrambling after the boombox pinata was busted by Mr. Kyler(Gracie and Shiloh's cousin)

13 kids at the celebration(minus Jazzlyn who had fallen asleep while eating and little Trysten who is not all for the paparazzi) You see- no birthday party is ever small in the Smith family!!

We had a fun and memorable day and I still have cake coming out of my ears! Yes-I know Victor-I must not have eaten it the right way but you all know what I mean!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Shiloh!

Today is my sweet little Shiloh's 2nd birthday. My baby isn't a baby anymore! She is growing up so fast-it feels like overnight she starts doing or saying things that I never knew she even could! I just sit and watch her-she and Gracie are really my best entertainment! What did I ever do before I had babies??

So here's to my sweet baby girl Shiloh-

*From day 1 you have been a piece of cake. You came 2 weeks early and put momma out of her misery! Yes! You ate well, slept well, and didn't cry much. Thanks baby!

*You were the way that God taught momma to quit planning every detail of her life! What a beautiful, precious lesson! I am so grateful for you! You are what I thought my baby would look like but God made you so much better that I ever could have imagined.

*You taught me how to RELAX(crazy to say that a second baby so close to the first one can teach you to relax but you really did-totally a God given surprise)

*You make me smile when any type of music comes on-you have some great moves girl!

*I love to watch you eat-you make everything look so good!

*When you say dink you momma (thank you momma) unprompted-I melt

Shiloh-you are truly our gift from God! I never knew how much I loved surprises!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We are so proud of Daddy.(Yes I know I always use that proud word in a rotten way but I really mean it this time)
He is now Lieutenant Smith at the London Fire Department! YOU ROCK NICO!
2 weeks of books and papers scattered around the kitchen table
2 weeks of moving those books for every meal
and those same 2 weeks of feeling like I am in single mommyville
ALL worth it!!
The day before Nic's test Gracie decided she wanted to make a card to hide in his fire bag to cheer him up. She decorated and colored it beautifully and wrote her little name for him. I asked her if she wanted to tell me something to write and she did. She told me that she decorated his card with bugs to cheer him up and she wanted to tickle him so he would laugh. She then went on to tell him that she asked Jesus to help him and she knows He will because he always helps people. I wrote those beautiful words exactly the way she said them.

Out of the mouths of babes God reveals really cool things at the perfect time.
Gracie-I love your faith and I love how bold you are at the ripe old age of 3 1/2.
Daddy will cherish that little card forever.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Just thought I would share

This isn't really a fun girls update or anything like that but I just found a little Old Navy coupon for 50% off one item. Now I know it isn't so great like the friends and family thing but I thought I would share if anyway. I don't believe it is good for clearance-just promotional sale and regularly priced. Now I am in no means being a scummy advertiser here(actually Nic calls ON disposable clothing but I really don't care because disposable is fine with me as long as it is cheap and in the budget)-just wanted to hook some of the coolest girls I know up!!
go to

Vote for "best legs" on the mannequins at the bottom (all stars must turn blue)-I had to click on all the manequins stars and turn them all blue
Wait 15-20 seconds(this felt a little longer to me!) for a kite to appear in the background(it comes floating out of the left hand side of the screen and can be kind of tricky to catch-must admit it took me 3 tries but by goly I was getting that coupon!)
Click on the coupon and then you can print it
It only works once so you can't share it.