Saturday, January 31, 2009

Auntie Pam's Wedding

This blog post is a little late but better late than never!
My aunt was remarried the day after Christmas and I took some shots for her. We drove down to Gallipolis where my aunt's husband is from. They had a sweet little church ceremony performed by his brother-in-law at the church he pastors. It was awesome and my aunt was beaming. She is quite a catch!! I couldn't help but smile all day for her. She has had a road to get where she is now and I am just so happy for her. Her husband passed away a year and a half ago from lung cancer and her mother passed away 2 years ago from ovarian cancer. We all had a lot of loss in those few years but she really got hit hard. I have never seen such patience and strength!
Well God has blessed her BIG time and she is on top of the world. I am loving it!

Well the girls had a blast at Aunt Pammy's wedding and I caught some funny little shots of all 3 of them (including my niece). They were just hamming it up for a few shots in a row and then all the sudden you can see it on Shiloh's face that she is TOAST. I'll give you the play by play.

Okay-we are easing into the photo shoot. I seriously am always trying to get a picture of my 3 girls. I never seem to manage it.

Shiloh is feeling it here-wait for it-wait for it-yeah she is feeling it with her little smile. That hair never seems to work with us but she is feeling the grin.

So what is up with the rear naked choke(aka headlock)? Gracie is pushing it here but Shiloh is still managing the smile. (I only knew that rear naked choke thing because of Nic-did I awe you with my fight terminology?)

Not loving the choke feel and just about to lose it.

AND SHILOH IS TOASTED(but look at Gracie and Natalie with their little smiles)
If you could hear and see it live you would see huffing through the bottom lip accompanied by a sigh of exhaustion.
We have all been there now haven't we?

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Heart for Jesus...

Gracie Bella never ceases to amaze me and I am always full of stories about things she says that are so sweet. Last night I was praying with her and as I usually do I prayed that Gracie would have a heart for Jesus. She immediately stopped me in my prayer and said, "I do have a heart for Jesus, mama! I do have a heart for Him and I think I am going to decorate it blue because he is a boy!"

You see, we rolled out sugar cookies yesterday and she had to call her Mimi(my mom) and her grandma Cindi to see what color they wanted their hearts she made for them.
She was thinking about her heart for Jesus and how it should be blue because boys like blue.
So fun. She is always thinking!
At least I know she is listening to the things I am praying over her!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So it took me a little over an hour to get home from school today. Leaving at lunch time ended up being a bad thing today because of all this white stuff. I decided to embrace the timing of the winter blast and get outside with the little girlies. I was pretty much toasty from all the tense driving so I was actually ready to feel the cold on the face. As many of you well know, dressing the 2 wee ones only intensified the internal heat. I really can't tell you how good that cold was feeling after getting out there. I don't think I have ever been so warm playing in the snow!!
The girls, of course, loved every second of it.
10-15 minutes of gathering clothing items, gloves, boots,etc.
30 minutes of strategically layering and dressing all 3 of us for the fun.
For about-oh, let's see-20 minutes or so of actual play.
Only to come in and spend 15-20 minutes undressing, laying clothes out to dry, cleaning up the wet floor, and then having to serve up some hot chocolate.
Why? For FLIPPIN fun-that's why!!
Nap is late but better late than never today FOR SURE!!

Monday, January 12, 2009


So here he is in all his glory and I am oh so proud again(can you tell the sarcasm in my bloggity blog blog voice?)
Nic has been off to the wild on a little duck/goose hunting adventure and he is so happy with his treasures here. Those of you who know him-can you even imagine all the stories I heard after his day in the wild? Just can you EVEN IMAGINE?
Gracie and Shiloh were pumped to see daddy's find but I really don't think they got it-which is just fine with me. Gracie kept asking why they weren't quacking. I just dismissed and we moved right along. We eat meat every day but I guess we can just wait to talk about that one!!
So I am not really into eating duck-I wish he could have brought me home some cow or chicken or something but I smiled politely and patted him on the back(side)!
Great job buddy-way to bring those birds in!
He is off finding some great recipe to mix his kill up with right now I am sure as I am typing. He's all in his element-you know-in "man-ville" and feeling like he has just defended my honor. I want you all to know that I hear that one all the time. He has to go out and defend my honor. Well defend it he did-I am sure duck and goose feathers are still in the garage to prove it. You see-cleaning his work area after plucking the feathers does not fit that whole manly element thing!!

CHECK OUT THAT WINGSPAN!(I know-sarcasm again-I am trying)

*Just a side note here-Nic and his buddy, as well as my pops laid out in layout blinds in the frigid temperatures for 6 plus hours. Layout blinds are really just laying out in an open field covering yourself with field materials. Nic has some crazy contraption covered in husks and other various earthy materials. He laid there all flippin day for those little fellows in his hand. No-I just can't get it either-I know that is what you all are thinking!
To each their own!