Monday, June 29, 2009

We harvested today..

I decided to try my hand at farming this year and we actually got to harvest some goodies today. I probably didn't allow quite enough room for my 2 tomato, 2 cucumber, and 2 zucchini plants seeing as how they are being housed in a 4 X 8 space right next to my patio. The cucumber plant is spiraling out into the yard and the Zucchini plant is trying to take the entire patch over. So maybe I didn't do it exactly right but my girls have been helping in the process and carefully watering and weeding each day with me and we were all extremely excited today when 2 huge zucchini squash were ready for the picking.
It has been such a cool process doing this with the girls. They take such care and love to be the "picker". I already have plans for my talented father and hubby for next year. Garden boxes-out in the back of the yard!!

Now if I could just get Gracie to eat that green pepper she is so proud to hold!
By the way-the green peppers are not doing as well as the squash and cucumbers. Any of you know why??

Monday, June 22, 2009

I got hit on by a teenager...

I was walking into Kroger to pick up a few groceries-child free-yesterday and the funniet thing happened to me-I got hit on by a Kroger working teenager!!
The kid seriously looked 13 and I know he is super young because he doesn't even scan the groceries-he is just a bagger!
I walked into the door to be greeted by "hey gurrrl, you are looking good tuhday"(the flat iron job was pretty stellar but really nothing fancy)
I returned with a little chuckle-what was I supposed to say?
He then proceeded with "gurrrl, what is yo name?" as I was politely trying to get my cart out.
I then returned with belly laughter. He then took that as rude and said "why you not gonna give me yo name?"
Trying to keep the laughter under control I replied with a bit of a swagger, "honey, I am a married woman with 2 little babies at home!"
All I heard as I turned to leave was "WHHHHHAAAAAAAT?"
Priceless-as I am just a week away from my 29th b-day I got hit on by a teenager!
Nic best be stepping up that game!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Some things we learned on vacation...

We vacationed in the outerbanks last week and had an absolute blast. It was cool because we got the last week of off season pricing and got amazing in-season weather. Everyday was beautifully sunny and we spent so much time at the beach and pool. Our home was perfectly stocked and a close walk to the beach or to the quaint little village of Duck. The girls are still calling our current home, the "old house" in memory of the more fun vacation home!!
So everyday with little ones is a learning opportunity, but vacation seemed to be a learning process for all invloved. Some things we learned from our trip(and yes some of these we "old school" twittered about in a composition notepad so we would never forget how hard we laughed about them and I do realize that packs less of a punch now but here we go):

1. Don't allow Nic to lead the caravan of 3 vehicles when he is by himself driving with the 2 little sweeties with no GPS and no phone service. (I rode with my sister down so she didn't have to drive alone-Josh was flying down a day later) We couldn't get a hold of him for anything and I just wanted to make sure he was okay as we were driving at 2 am through the mountains of West Virginia in crazy fog. Why did we appoint him our leader? Why does that ever happen?

2. It must really stink to be a toll worker. My sister and I couldn't even tell how they got to work and Nic later pointed out that there were multiple parking lots for them. I didn't see them though. I guess maybe because it was 3 am.

3. And why did we leave at 1:30 am anyway? That part really stunk.

4. Cookies, sweets, fudge, and ice cream at 9pm aren't that bad for the little ones. Hey-it was vaca!

5. Gracie is for sure a "Pool Girl". Everyone would be down at the water playing except for Gracie and Aunt Jackie up by the umbrella. It's all cool girl!

6. Shiloh is a crazy water baby. She can not be stopped or held back. No worries if she falls in the pool at the ladder or a huge wave knocks her over and over again-NO FEAR BABY!!

7. Shiloh's favorite thing to say with her 2 little fingers positioned in front of her mouth is "One more time". Unfortuantely the kid really doesn't know what that means.

8. People straight up go on vacation and decide to get fit. I can't tell you how many people were running the little trail through the village of duck that were in a major struggle fest and looked as if that may have never run before in their lives. Now I am not trying to crack here-just sayin'-many non-runners were running it up on vaca!

9. Erin and lighthouses don't really mix. I tell you-I have gone to the top of other lighthouses and looked out but it was way different with the little girls. The very thought of them up there held me back from stepping foot onto the platform. And yes-I was majorly cracked on for being a weasel. Gracie came down to find mama and tell her that she shouldn't be scared, it was nothing to worry about because Jesus was keeping everyone safe. Yeah-great example mom!

10. My family rocks! Every morning someone was up making breakfast. Mom was the queen of clean as always. 3 women in the house is awesome for sure, I think we all got to take home bags of clean clothes to simply put away. It was awesome spending the week with this clan-I may be in mourning that we aren't still there-just maybe!