Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Rides!

Shiloh has decided that she is now 3 years old and it is time to catch up with big sister on the bike riding with no training wheels. Chalk it up-one more thing Shiloh has decided to learn out of sheer desire to be bigger than she really is!

I love your spunk girl-but maybe slow down and stay little for a little longer...please!!
The second little clip is my exclusive interview with the "BW" -Nic has been the bike whisperer(BW) lately. He has been helping all of our nieces pick up the bike and try with no training wheels. He has a little method he is quite proud of...eat your heart out Lance Armstrong..or so at least that is what Nic thinks!

Happy Birthday Shiloh!!

Okay...so I am a litle late on this one. Blame it on the nesting(yes I am cleaning every nook and cranny in this joint, right?) or the increased desire for a nap again in the afternoon. Either one of those excuses could work but mostly that first one...well maybe mostly the first one...maybe!

Shiloh turned 3 on April 22nd-Earth Day! It was a beautiful day and we celebrated with the family. Because celebrating with just the fam brings us oodles and oodles of children...birthdays are always a par-TAY! Shiloh posed like a pro for the cake and candle fun..
then decided to take a bite of the number 3 candle! I guess that was probably what she was thinking about in that first pose. Shouldn't everything be edible on the cake??


Then we busted out some old school fun with the
biggest play parachute ever! I borrowed
one from school and with all of the fun
loving adults around at the party we made
some incredible tents. The kids were going
nuts running around under the tent..good times for sure.

We had such a great time celebrating Shiloh's special day!
Shiloh-you are a rockin' little 3 year old. Mama and daddy are so blessed that God trusted us with you. I am amazed everyday that there is never a task too big for you. You have such amazing faith-and NO FEAR! Oh to be more like you is my prayer!
You have the sweetest little servant heart and there are so many things in life that we never even had to teach you to do. You are just gifted in that way..so special! You fill our lives with purpose Shiloh and we are forever grateful for YOU!
We love you Princess Shiloh!