Sunday, October 26, 2008

Go Bucks!

Because the main numbers of the game were not exactly pleasing to Buckeye fans, I thought I would give you some other numbers from the big game! Nic and I had a blast at the game despite the 13-6 loss. We tailgated with some awesome friends and woke up sore in our ribs from laughing all evening! Here are some fun stats from our time together!

2 - free tickets in the student section(South stands) thanks to some great neighbors!

50+ - high fives(yes, some with random strangers)

8 - Tailgaters at our friend's Chevy Tahoe (Thanks Sam & Jen-we had an absolute blast!)

8 - The number of times Nic cornholed Sam! (Sorry Sam-Nic made me!)

5 - The amount of money that 2 of our tailgaters spent on one bag of peanut M&M's EACH (Nic and Luke really believe they were helping keep kids off drugs by handing over a five spot for a vending machine size bag of treats! Bless their hearts!)

1 - great pair of Buckeye tube socks (Sam revealed on the walk to the Stadium as he heckled every PSU fan he found)

9 - layers Luke had on including 2 hoodies (he texted Nic during the game saying "I'm hot") I can't even tell you a number for how many times he asked if any of us needed another layer!

2 - #1 fingers to go with


2 - the number of Costello's Nic submitted during an impromptu wrestling match (sorry guys-once agin Nic made me!)

1 - Awkward side hug that Nic shared with a stranger during Carmen Ohio (still laughing) As the stranger approached Nic for the awkward side hug I heard Nic say, "Oh Yeah buddy, get in here".

18 - number of times we booed PSU (now these were combined boos from Nic and myself but only 2 of those were mine!) I know it isn't nice but I got caught up in the moment!

13 - total dollars spent on the whole evening (not too shabby, huh?)

1 - Heck of a good time had by all!