Sunday, August 2, 2009

It is official....

I am officially a Master's Degree holder. I have no picture of the degree for you to prove my accomplishment but it is real babies!! I just got my grades today! 4.0 Chicas-I finished with style!!
I know many of you were thinking something else when you first saw my it's official title-so sorry to disappoint!!
What does that mean for me? Well it means a bit more pay (nothing much friends) and my teaching license has been renewed for 5 more years until they can think up the next hoop I must jump through. Maybe they will require me to carry a doctorate to educate 5 year olds. We will just have to wait and see on that one!
Celebrate good times!

Harvest Time Once Again

Last week we did some harvesting at my grandpa's lovely garden. We picked potatoes, more zucchini, okra, and cabbage. The girls were very in to the digging and I learned a great deal about planting and harvesting potatoes. For example, you actually quarter the rotting potato when it starts sprouting it's craziness and that is what you plant under the soil. When harvesting the potato you can actually pull the beginning quartered piece out of the ground and see how the whole plant started. Very cool! I know I have left a bag or two in the pantry a bit too long and seen the sprouts but I never really put that together about using that to start the potato plant. Anyways, the potatoes all grow underground but the actual plant sprouts up out of the ground so you can pull it as you dig around the plant to loosen the potatoes. Then you just pull the plant up and bunches of little potatoes are hanging on and then some are just down buried in the ground because they fell off the plant. It was an actual harvest the girls could really get into because they could pull them off the plant and dig in the dirt to find the hidden treasure. I couldn't help but snapping some pictures because they looked so cute getting their hands dirty. Gracie asked me before we left the house to go harvest if I thought she looked like she had good farming clothes on. The girl was definitely preparing to get her little dig on!
I am really getting quite addicted to this whole gardening thing. I can't believe how crazy fun it is to plant, grow, harvest and eat these little goodies. I know I need to get out more!! I am looking for recipes now to help me use all of this zucchini. I have been making some zucchini bread lately that is so tasty. Who knew? I guess when you put 2 cups of sugar in the bread, it can't go all that wrong now can it?