Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Random Sightings of Future Olympian Hurdler

Mimi and Poppy blessed Gracie with a set of hurdles for her birthday so she can follow in the footsteps of the old momster. She loves them for sure and wants to be taught and coached how to do them better. It is so wildly fun but I must remind myself that she is 4 and only 4. Working on the 3 step might just need to wait a year or two at least :)
Here is the making of a future olympian hurdler(or maybe 2 because Shiloh has really taken to it as well!)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Sweet Little Princesses

The girls decided they wanted to play dress up the other evening after dinner. Mimi(that is my mom) and I helped them pull their dress up box out of the closet for a little fun. Gracie was rummaging through it looking frantically for something "beautiful" but came up short. Their were monkey masks, firefighter clothes, hard hats, cowgirl pieces, and even some ballet slippers but nothing "beautiful" for sweet Gracie. So I got to be mom of the year and bust out early birthday presents-2 new princess dress up boxes filled with that beautiful stuff she so longed for. I can't tell you how fun that was pulling those presents out (that I had just wrapped-that will never happen again for sure) and meeting her little desire right on the spot. That was way better than waiting for her birthday party where she probably wouldn't have had the opportunity to dive in the way she wanted to. The girls (all 3 of them because Nat was over for a slumber party) jumped into those boxes and got all dolled up. They were so happy and looked so sweet! I just kept thinking about how cool it was for me to bless my daughters right in perfect timing and that is how God wants to bless us too. It is like just wait for it-wait for it-maybe wait for it some more-and then the blessing comes in perfect timing and can have the maximum effect. I was pretty tickled to give her those boxes but I know God is so much more tickled when he sees us enjoy His blessings!
God is good! Thank you for my little princesses!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Because We all Need a Little 4th of July Chuckle

Nic and I sat and belly laughed about this little video. Check out the diligence these fellows have in taping explosives to a sledgehammer.
The kicker is at the very end when "our guy" finally gets his turn at slamming his hammer. He meticulously changes the metal plate over a couple times for exact placement, winds up, lunges back, and simply hilarious. Check it out!
Happy 4th of July-don't do anything quite this silly!!