Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Just a few pics from our Christmas Photo Session

We always try and go to the Franklin Park Conservatory for Christmas pictures because the lighting is just so perfect. The girls feel like little princesses coming down the big white staircase. It is always so beautiful there at Christmas time.
Now nothing gurantees cooperation from the little ones but the stage was set up for us quite nicely. All we could do was bribe the heck out of them with giant candy cane lollipops. We did have some minor issues that led to extra bribes for Shiloh but we managed to squeak out a few.

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Gracie had her first great performance last Sunday night for her preschool Christmas program. She attends preschool through the Grove City Christian school at GC Nazarene. It is a pretty large church so when we got there on Sunday night, I just assumed they were integrating their little show into their church service because the place was packed. Really-standing room only. I later realized that in fact it wasn't their regularly scheduled church service-it really was just the GC Christian School Christmas program complete with a pre-concert by the fabulous worship team and choir at the church. Everything was beautifully decorated and put together. I started getting a little nervous for Gracie. Imagine looking out over a thousand people with spotlights in your face as a 4 year old. I started feeling things for her in a way that only a mother can.
Finally it gets to her little group and Shiloh and I race down to the front to get some pictures and reassure her-there was no way she was going to get to spot us in that crowd! We get down right in front of her and she looked so nervous. Her little face was so pale and finally we made eye contact-it was so awesome-she just melted and smiled and waved her little hands. She just needed to see us and all was okay! I loved being there for her in that moment-I loved being the one to take the fear away. My eyes filled up with tears and I could not stop smiling. I was so proud of her! Indescribable!
My little Rudolph with her nose so bright-I will never ever forget that moment!

Tree Picking

So we went to Christmas town a couple days after Thanksgiving and I am just now posting...it has been very busy lately!!
We always enjoy going to the tree farm to pick out our tree. I remember as a kid loading up in my dad's pick up truck with the dog in the back going to pick out our tree. All 4 of us piled in on laps (there were no extended cab seats in the Boyd pick-up)-probably not the safest but always a great memory. It is fun to make new memories with my little ones now!
We have this awesome tree farm near our house that is complete with a bonfire and hot chocolate to warm the tummy. It was a beautiful day and of course we found our perfect tree. It may be leaning a bit to the left as we speak but perfect nonetheless!
Here are a few pics to highlight our fun...and I was not playing favorites here-Shiloh was just not feeling the Polaroid opportunities.