Friday, October 30, 2009


Gracie as "Muno", Shiloh as "Foofa", and Natalie as "Plex"
Cutest little Gabba Friends I have ever seen(sure a little biased)

Homemade costumes courtesy of my dear sweet cousin Ashley! This was so fun! The girls, of course, wanted to dress up as something I couldn't find at Red Dot Boutique(Target) or any other store for that matter so I enlisted the help of my oh so lovely and talented cousin. We spent a couple of hours (times 5 probably) shopping, designing, cutting, sewing, etc. to put together the coolest costumes I have ever seen. What a cool process! Sure they only had them on for a short time but making them was where the fun was at for sure!

Thanks Ash-You Rock Girl!!

Here is a picture of the Real Gabbas just so you know who these goofy characters are anyway.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Red Leash

Oh look at Nic here with his new pet! can't see it? Sure you can-look again. Don't you see his new little pet on a red leash?'s the zoom look. Nic caught a flippin' bee today and played a little trick. He captured him in a bowl and put a lid on him after Shiloh nearly had a heart attack that he was in her kitchen. Nic then proceeded to put the sealed up bowl in the freezer to attempt to put a leash on him. After a few minutes in the freezer, sure enough, the bee was not moving and very cooperative with the tying on of the little red string. The girls were going nuts. It was absolutely hilarious! Nic then decided it was time to see his trick in action. He very carefully "warmed" his little friend by blowing on him in cupped hands. It stinkin' worked and the bee started coming back to life and moving around. He came back to a life in chains friends. He was bound and Nic was on the other end of the string.

Here is our bee on a leash in action. You can see the bend of the red thread-he is trying to fly!!
It is really crazy how long we sat trying to capture "movement" shots for this bee. I had actual tears in my eyes I laughed so hard!

Here is a close up view of our new little friend. This is early on in his shackled life but no worries-we freed him out the front door sans red thread! (wouldn't have really been my option for getting rid of him but the children were highly involved and really did latch on to the whole pet thing!!)

Just look at him-so proud of his cool self! A legend in his own mind friends-a legend!!