Monday, May 18, 2009

Circus Fun

I scored $10 tickets to the circus this weekend so I decided to take the girls down to Nationwide on Saturday morning. They got a chance to see all the runners from the race for the cure as they were heading back to their cars. They loved the pink wigs and pink capes. It was cool to see everyone out there on such a beautiful day.
Nic was at the station so it was just me with the girls but it was actually kind of relaxing in some odd way. They both did such a great job. We are really getting to this place where having an older sibling is such a huge help. Shiloh just looks to Gracie to see how she is responding in certain situations and Gracie is being such a cool little role model.
The circus was a blast-we got to go down on the floor the whole hour before the show began and they had neat little performances going on. Gracie took a camera so she could take some shots and she ended up with some really good ones. I was absoultely amazed at how action packed the show was. It really kept their attention. Shiloh did end up drifting off to sleep in my lap the last 20 minutes or so. I feel like I could really count on one hand how many times she has fallen asleep in my arms so it was a sweet cuddle surprise. Gracie wanted to snap her picture so she would remember that she fell asleep during the circus.
It was a great day-thanks girls for being so much fun to hang out with!!

The Meat

Nic and I are back on a co-ed softball team. No longer are we called Balls and Dolls, we now play for THE MEAT. Nic collaborated with the team leader on this concept and is quite proud of himself. Our team shirt has a large steak across our chest and we each have a different meat name. Pot Roast, fish stick, the great hambino, tenderloin, baby back, Ike burger, Pete Roast, and nugget to name a few. Nic's meat name is "Raw"(so typical), and I am Kickin' wing. We have quite a good time every Friday night. The girls went with us last Friday night and cheered their little hearts out. Nic is always the MVP-just don't mention it to him, and I always make some goofy play that everyone wonders how I made. I would love to have myself on tape so I could add commetnary about what is going through my head. Yeah-well I don't really have time for that one but you get where I am going.
So here is our team shirt pictures complete with Meat names.

Last Firday was a bit of an injury night for the old kickin' wing but no worries-I am still going strong. After one solid catch out in right field I was feeling mighty confident. With that confidence I went out after another fly ball and tipped it barely with my glove. With full force behind it, the ball slammed into my right thigh. I squeezed my legs together trying to make the catch but it still bobbled away. All I was left with was a crazy muscle spasm and a lovely bruise. This picture can't even do it justice.
But hey-I was raised that bruises, and scars are character builders. I will cherish this memory!(I just hope the large knot under the bruise eventually fades away)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


My computer just recently crashed but thankfully not before I was able to move some photos and files on to a flash drive. Good old Robert came to the rescue and since none of you know Robert and I am fairly certain Robert will not know Gracie and Shiloh's blog, I will tell you that Robert was a perfect fit to come fix my PC. You see, my friends, Robert looked just like the "PC" guy from the commercials. Since I am not cool enough to own a Mac, I simply had Robert replace the hardrive. Feeling good that I saved some cashola!!
So anyways, I am in the process of downloading every flippin' thing you forgot you had to download in the first place as well as looking at all my oldies but goodies(photos). It has been cool but let me tell you that I filled a 16GB flash drive with all those goodies. Yeah-pretty crazy too because it has just been pictures from the past 3 or 4 years!!

So here is little Gracie at her 2nd birthday party. I had to remind myself what she was like at Shiloh's age. My children absolutely and completely look nothing alike. Amazing.

Gracie weighed 22 pounds as a 2 year old and currently weighs 32 pounds as an almost 4 year old. Yes-I pulled out the shorts and she is still rocking those 2T's.

And now for Shiloh. Here she is at 3 months with those pinchable cheeks. The ultrasound technician couldn't stop talking about how plump her little cheeks were going to be at our last ultrasound before I had her. Let's just say there has never been a question about Shiloh being well fed.

I took her today for her 2 year check up and she is as perfect as can be. She weighs a solid 30 pounds(yes that is 90th percentile) and tops the chart at 36 inches tall (96th percentile).
Complete opposites and perfectly Gracie and Shiloh.
I sure do love these girls. I think Nic is already thinking about how he can teach the finger roll shot to his 2 year old.