Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cooper Isaac is Here!

Our newest addition is here! So grateful for this sweet little boy! He is perfect in every way...God is so good!
He arrived on Tuesday, August 10th at 8:46 pm.
6 pounds 15 ounces
21 inches long

Thanks for all your prayers was a long haul but God is faithful!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

10 Things I really should have already blogged about..

I am really hoping to get back on track here with this blogging thing. Do you think it will get easier with a newborn?? Anyways...

Here are 10 things I really should have already made note of in our little Smith World:
1. Gracie lost her first tooth at 4 years old! Nic bribed her to let him wiggle it out with $10!! I remember a trusty rusty single under my pillow when I lost a tooth-I really hope she doesn't get used to that one. (Gotta love the snarl for dramatic effect)

2. Vacation was awesome! We went back to Duck, North Carolina again and had some wonderful weather. Most days were nice and hot like you like vaca to be but we did have a couple cooler days. Those cooler days were some of the best because we got out and did new things we never would have tried in the heat. We went to these large sand dunes on one of those cooler days and the girls had a blast running up and down them. They were really cool looking. Nic used the opportunity for some great plyometric hero!

3. The girls now both love the beach(last year Gracie was not really into it)!

4. We went crabbing for real(not just nighttime on the beach with flashlights running around so they don't run across your feet) and it was so much fun! We roped up chicken necks and got some large handled nets and we went down to a dock on the sound. I think all of the girls got a chance to pull one in. We actually caught some large enough to take back to the house and cook. I was amazed at the whole process. Did you know that you can turn a crab on it's belly and rub a little bit to put it to sleep?
I love it when we find new family traditions! (Sorry no pic here-8 months prego in the hot sun walking to the dock was good enough. I had to lighten the load somewhere!)

5. I turned 30! Thank you Ashley and Jackie for a splendid and beautiful surprise! I never love that kind of thing girls but this time I did. It was so nice hanging with friends and family. I can't believe I am 30!! Nic told me 30 was the new 40-such a brat.

6. Fourth of July Party at the Smith Residence-We can see the Grove City fireworks from our front porch so we always try and host this Holiday. It is nice to not have to fight crowds..even if we are a little far from the action. It's all good-the kiddos love it anyways. Thanks to my dear cousin Ashley all the kids were in heaven because she rocked out some sweet face painting. I thought they were going to do little stars, hearts, maybe even some super festive flags...but no...they had full on animal faces that some folks would pay the big bucks for at the zoo. Aunt Ashley...You rock on so many fronts girl!

7. We welcomed a special little girl named Rylee into our family. We are all absolutely smitten with this little sweetie pie! My aunt and her husband have taken on the powerful role of parenting their granddaughter. I am so proud of them and so thankful that God has His hand on this special little love. Bold Faith & Powerful Love!!
We love you Rylee!

8. I am 37 and 1/2 weeks pregnant today! Let's just say that deserved a number all by itself...I am telling you that this must be done soon! Yes soon and very soon! I can't wait to get my hands on this little babe!

9. Happy Birthday Gracie! Gracie turned 5 on July 15th. I really don't know where time goes..maybe it is the pregnancy hormones or the heat, but I am really in a sentimental place. There is something so powerful about watching your babies grow up...really unexplainable. Being entrusted to raise up babies is such a precious gift..God is so good!
Gracie-you are an amazing young lady. I am so proud of how you lead as the oldest kiddo in the family. You are so smart and beautiful and you are so precious to me and daddy. Thank you for teaching us how to be a mommy and daddy and thank you for being who God made you to be. You ooze with sweet love and compassion and I am so blessed to have you in my life!

10. Did I mention that I really long to done with this pregnancy? Don't get me wrong..I am completely grateful to be carrying another child..I am just done carrying him on the inside. I will give him another week(haha-as if I have any control)
Another tidbit for you..a little nugget so to say...did you know that baby actually initiates labor? Once his lungs are fully mature, he releases a protein that tells mom's body that it is go time. So I say...little lungs-be complete today!!
Your new little room awaits...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Rides!

Shiloh has decided that she is now 3 years old and it is time to catch up with big sister on the bike riding with no training wheels. Chalk it up-one more thing Shiloh has decided to learn out of sheer desire to be bigger than she really is!

I love your spunk girl-but maybe slow down and stay little for a little longer...please!!
The second little clip is my exclusive interview with the "BW" -Nic has been the bike whisperer(BW) lately. He has been helping all of our nieces pick up the bike and try with no training wheels. He has a little method he is quite proud your heart out Lance Armstrong..or so at least that is what Nic thinks!

Happy Birthday Shiloh!! I am a litle late on this one. Blame it on the nesting(yes I am cleaning every nook and cranny in this joint, right?) or the increased desire for a nap again in the afternoon. Either one of those excuses could work but mostly that first one...well maybe mostly the first one...maybe!

Shiloh turned 3 on April 22nd-Earth Day! It was a beautiful day and we celebrated with the family. Because celebrating with just the fam brings us oodles and oodles of children...birthdays are always a par-TAY! Shiloh posed like a pro for the cake and candle fun..
then decided to take a bite of the number 3 candle! I guess that was probably what she was thinking about in that first pose. Shouldn't everything be edible on the cake??


Then we busted out some old school fun with the
biggest play parachute ever! I borrowed
one from school and with all of the fun
loving adults around at the party we made
some incredible tents. The kids were going
nuts running around under the tent..good times for sure.

We had such a great time celebrating Shiloh's special day!
Shiloh-you are a rockin' little 3 year old. Mama and daddy are so blessed that God trusted us with you. I am amazed everyday that there is never a task too big for you. You have such amazing faith-and NO FEAR! Oh to be more like you is my prayer!
You have the sweetest little servant heart and there are so many things in life that we never even had to teach you to do. You are just gifted in that special! You fill our lives with purpose Shiloh and we are forever grateful for YOU!
We love you Princess Shiloh!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday Garden Time

Good Friday is the day that many farmers use as the day to get potatoes planted in the ground. My grandpa sticks to this practice every year. Last year we helped more with the harvesting of his garden and this year I decided to get the girls over and help put the plants in the ground. We planted rows of potatoes and rows of onions because they will not be bothered by the frost. What an interesting process!! I am not sure why it took me this long to become as interested as I am now! We planted rotten chucks of potatoes that have been drying out for a month with eyes sprouting. You always plant the eye up and it is best to let them get completely dried up-my grandpa calls it scabbed-so they won't get eaten by any little creatures.
Many lessons were learned today and we had so much fun! One of the most interesting lines of the day came from my grandpa. He said the potato has to rot and die so it can bear fruit. Such a point on this Good Friday. Through death we have life!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Locks of Love

Well friends-it is finished! The growing of unruly, shabby, stringy hair is over!! Gracie and I decided to cut our hair and donate it to Locks of Love yesterday. Gracie has had an incredible amount of hair for awhile now and after talking and sharing some pictures with her she decided that she was ready for a cut and she wanted to be able to donate it for a wig. We are so proud of her!! She wanted me to join in with her in this quest so I decided to support her. I didn't quite have my 10 inches but we found out that Locks of Love will take a minimum of 6 inches to offset the price of making wigs and hairpieces. So Gracie's 10 1/2 inches will go to an actual wig and my 8 1/2 inches will be used for spare pieces.
Aunt Jackie hooked us up with some cute little bobs and the world is a little lighter with our fresh new perspective!!
Great Job Gracie-your heart is so beautiful! And your new little cut is too!
Thanks Aunt Jackie for rocking like always-you made this a fun adventure for us!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am trying to get back into the blog of things!

Wow-it has been a long time! I actually feel guilty every time I come to my blog to check all of my friend's blogs because of the pitiful December 8th posting I see every time I pull it up. Not being one to make a lot of excuses for myself...I will give you some reasons that MAY have led to my blogging breakdown.
1. It happened because of my incredibly long streak of vomiting everyday since December 19th. Yes-EVERYDAY-since December 19th. You did read that correctly. I finally stopped about a week or so ago-Thank You JESUS!
*I have really good technique now because of all of the practice. I have mastered the art of it some could and would say. I know how to turn the bathroom light on long enough to get my toothbrush situated and quickly turn it out before premature vomiting occurs. You see-if the light is on-you may see something to trigger it too quickly. Not that I have some foul bathroom-don't want you to get any ideas-but I do share it with a man and it is crazy the things you see that make you think of something else!! So how did I make it to the toilet during said vomit time? I am sure you were thinking that-that is easy-I just take my cell phone and open the screen slightly to give me that nice blue light in the room that reveals enough but not too much. Then I can safely find the toilet and start the heaving process. I really had the routine down. It worked while it needed to but I do not miss it one bit now!
2. It was because driving home at noon everyday put me into a bit of a coma. One that ended up with me shoveling some lunch in me and the girls and sacking out with the children for a long and beautiful 2 hour nap. Yes that happened most days of my first trimester-no lying up in here-but it felt oh so right. I have so much to do in my house right now just like catching up on this blog that is not even funny but I rested when I could friends.
3. It was because night time has not been the right time for Erin. Sleep hasn't come easily this first trimester because of the night sickness. This has intensified the extreme sleepiness and coma like feeling at noon everyday. I was my sickest at night! Once I could get settled and calmed down from the nausea would always be when I had to go to the bathroom. This just stirred it all right back up again. I tried to devise a plan for beating the system. I could either lay and pee on myself-yeah I never even considered that one, or I could try and trick my body that I was still laying there settled, and asleep. Sounds funny but I was desperate. I tried my darnedest to roll out of the bed without raising my head too much. I then got as low to the ground as I could never opening my eyes once. I had to make my body think it was still asleep. I army crawled my way to the bathroom every night hoping this would do the trick. I even sat on the pot with my eyes closed trying to mimic sleeping breathing. I made my way back into bed only to find it never worked. I was sick until I got up and puked everyday without fail. Now why did I do this more than a couple times? I knew it never worked but I had to be trying something for my sanity.

So...maybe it was one or all of these reasons that kept me away from bloggy land. is also all of the reasons that I will get to hold a new sweet little bundle come August. And for that I would do #1, #2, and #3 again and again and again!!
Here are some pics from the past couple of months:
*I was getting dinner ready one evening and found the girls setting their own table up complete with vase and rose in the middle. Gracie had climbed up to get the pretty glasses and filled them up with some beautiful apple juice. Cheers! This was a mommy bite your tongue moment because I allowed them to stay where they set up on the carpet against my better judgement. And everything was just fine!!

Some snow day fun and Shiloh in a princess dress. The kid seriously lives in a princess dress and I always have to introduce her. Even if we are the only ones home. Introducing the one, the only Princess Snow White Shiloh!