Sunday, July 25, 2010

10 Things I really should have already blogged about..

I am really hoping to get back on track here with this blogging thing. Do you think it will get easier with a newborn?? Anyways...

Here are 10 things I really should have already made note of in our little Smith World:
1. Gracie lost her first tooth at 4 years old! Nic bribed her to let him wiggle it out with $10!! I remember a trusty rusty single under my pillow when I lost a tooth-I really hope she doesn't get used to that one. (Gotta love the snarl for dramatic effect)

2. Vacation was awesome! We went back to Duck, North Carolina again and had some wonderful weather. Most days were nice and hot like you like vaca to be but we did have a couple cooler days. Those cooler days were some of the best because we got out and did new things we never would have tried in the heat. We went to these large sand dunes on one of those cooler days and the girls had a blast running up and down them. They were really cool looking. Nic used the opportunity for some great plyometric hero!

3. The girls now both love the beach(last year Gracie was not really into it)!

4. We went crabbing for real(not just nighttime on the beach with flashlights running around so they don't run across your feet) and it was so much fun! We roped up chicken necks and got some large handled nets and we went down to a dock on the sound. I think all of the girls got a chance to pull one in. We actually caught some large enough to take back to the house and cook. I was amazed at the whole process. Did you know that you can turn a crab on it's belly and rub a little bit to put it to sleep?
I love it when we find new family traditions! (Sorry no pic here-8 months prego in the hot sun walking to the dock was good enough. I had to lighten the load somewhere!)

5. I turned 30! Thank you Ashley and Jackie for a splendid and beautiful surprise! I never love that kind of thing girls but this time I did. It was so nice hanging with friends and family. I can't believe I am 30!! Nic told me 30 was the new 40-such a brat.

6. Fourth of July Party at the Smith Residence-We can see the Grove City fireworks from our front porch so we always try and host this Holiday. It is nice to not have to fight crowds..even if we are a little far from the action. It's all good-the kiddos love it anyways. Thanks to my dear cousin Ashley all the kids were in heaven because she rocked out some sweet face painting. I thought they were going to do little stars, hearts, maybe even some super festive flags...but no...they had full on animal faces that some folks would pay the big bucks for at the zoo. Aunt Ashley...You rock on so many fronts girl!

7. We welcomed a special little girl named Rylee into our family. We are all absolutely smitten with this little sweetie pie! My aunt and her husband have taken on the powerful role of parenting their granddaughter. I am so proud of them and so thankful that God has His hand on this special little love. Bold Faith & Powerful Love!!
We love you Rylee!

8. I am 37 and 1/2 weeks pregnant today! Let's just say that deserved a number all by itself...I am telling you that this must be done soon! Yes soon and very soon! I can't wait to get my hands on this little babe!

9. Happy Birthday Gracie! Gracie turned 5 on July 15th. I really don't know where time goes..maybe it is the pregnancy hormones or the heat, but I am really in a sentimental place. There is something so powerful about watching your babies grow up...really unexplainable. Being entrusted to raise up babies is such a precious gift..God is so good!
Gracie-you are an amazing young lady. I am so proud of how you lead as the oldest kiddo in the family. You are so smart and beautiful and you are so precious to me and daddy. Thank you for teaching us how to be a mommy and daddy and thank you for being who God made you to be. You ooze with sweet love and compassion and I am so blessed to have you in my life!

10. Did I mention that I really long to done with this pregnancy? Don't get me wrong..I am completely grateful to be carrying another child..I am just done carrying him on the inside. I will give him another week(haha-as if I have any control)
Another tidbit for you..a little nugget so to say...did you know that baby actually initiates labor? Once his lungs are fully mature, he releases a protein that tells mom's body that it is go time. So I say...little lungs-be complete today!!
Your new little room awaits...